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Defining SMBTech

To qualify as SMBTech, a company has to serve customers with either:


Employees or less




ARR or less

Selection Process

To ensure a representative and inclusive list, the selection process included three phases.

Phase 1

Nominations & Research

A curated list of 30 venture capital investors were invited to submit SMBTech company nominations, including companies inside and outside of their portfolio. In parallel, GGV Capital conducted thorough research on Crunchbase to identify SMBTech companies that met the qualification criteria.

Phase 2


GGV Capital combined the investor nominations and research into a voting ballot featuring more than 200 SMBTech companies. Investors were invited to vote for their favorite companies across early and late stages. To ensure inclusivity, only 40% of the total votes allotted could be allocated to portfolio companies.

Phase 3

Honoree Selection

Investor votes were calculated and the top 50 companies across each category were identified as SMBTech 50 honorees. The SMBTech 50 honorees will also be recognized on Crunchbase. Anyone with a Crunchbase Pro account can follow the list and track the companies here.